Muscle Power : Renewable Energy Through Exercise

May 2, 2012 | By Rakhitha | Filed in: Go Green.

Have you had those annoying times when you just cant get some stupid idea out of your head no matter how hard you try.  This thing start circling inside my head every time I see those advertisements on TV which sells gym equipment. And the promise is that you can lose a huge belly in no time. You just have to spend less than 10 mins a day and no need to change your lifestyle. But still every thing I read about fat burning keep saying that you at-least need to workout 30 mins to start burning fat.

Anyway, this is not about loosing fat. This is just an idea which kept messing with my head. Over the years I have realized when there is something you just cant get out of your head (Ex:- Stuff you got to do at office on Monday but it’s still Friday night) it helps to write it down on something. Once you write it down, for some reason your mind stop worrying about it. At-least it works for me.

Ok. here it goes…

Most gym equipment make us do something against resistance. Sometimes the resistance is the Gravitational effect on our own body. Sometimes it is moving something against gravity. Sometimes it is just pulling on a spring or working against friction. Either way we are trying to move something that do  not want to move. And the energy we produce by burning our fat is just wasted. Why can’t we use some form of regenerative brakes as the resistance. Any equipment which use circular motion can easily be used to turn a dynamo. Also any linear motion can be converted to circular motion…. Also if the resistance given by a dynamo is not enough we can use other forms of transformation of energy. And finally we will be able to do something useful with those extra inches.

Anyway it turned out that some one has already tried it. here it is. Apparently a human being cant produce much energy through exercise to make this economically viable. But it is quite cool.

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