From Nokia E75 to Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

March 22, 2012 | By Rakhitha | Filed in: Me, Myself & I, Tech.


Until recently my wife was using a Nokia E75. Which is a fine phone when it comes to the specs and the looks but if you drop it, its going to be a few thousand rupees worth of repair. A small drop can break some part of the housing, screen, and ribbon cable. Just to give you the picture of the costs the housing repairs will cost you 3k or above and the screen will cost about 11k if you insist on original parts. E75 is just not a solid build.

After breaking the screen for the second time we decided to get a new phone. But there were few problems. My wife was still quite attached to her E75. So we needed something which gives a similar feel but beats E75 to win her heart.

Nokia is almost out of the mobile phone market. And they did not ship anything impressive recently. Therefore it’s not going to be a Nokia. Selecting a phone has shifted from selecting a brand to selecting a platform. Therefore it’s going to be either Apple or Android. We both are not big fans of Apple. Therefore it’s not going to be Apple or any other company that try to copy Apple iPhone looks. Seriously how hard is it to come up with a creative original look. Even apple has not made much progress when it comes to looks after its first release. By the way. It has to be RED in color. What can I say. She likes red.

After some scouting, finally we settled for a Red Sony Xperia Neo. It’s a about LKR 3k more expensive than the Neo V but that’s a price worth paying for a better camera. It has really good specs and excellent external design for its range. And the perfect shade of red. It is also one of the few phone models that comes in red color. But I have few complaints to make.

1. Shape of the back of the phone makes it vulnerable to scratches. But you can avoid it if you buy a back cover. And there are covers in the market which does not take away the beauty of the design.

2. Ports that connect the charger/data cable and HDMI cables are covered with a cover which look really fragile. Sony should have done more thinking on it.

3. Camera has the same problem that many Sony camera users complain about. It just can’t capture color red right.

4. It came with a 8 GB memory card. But for some reason this phone is the slowest phone I have used when it comes to transferring files between PC and phone.

But even with above issues it’s a great phone. Unfortunately I am still stock with my old E71. For some reason I like full QWERTY key pad. Sony Xperia Mini Pro is too small and the Xperia Pro is little expensive. And unlike the E75, E71 is as solid as a rock. I have dropped it countless times and in one case in to a bucket wet of cement. But after washing its works just fine. So it doesn’t feel right to replace it.  It reminds me of my old 3310. And it has many battle-scars on its housing to prove it.

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