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Assignments, Student Projects, Assignment…! We all have gone through that hell. If you are too young to say that well just hang on your turn will come. Some of us copy pasted stuff from web, and we helped each other to do the assignment. If you are lucky enough you may have been offered money to do other peoples assignments.  Also there is a number of outsourcing/off-shoring web sites in which most clients are students who are trying to get someone else to do their work. This is nothing new. But all of them had one thing in common. You never did that as an open business.

Recently when I was browsing through Facebook pages I noticed this interesting advertisement . It reads “Nothing to worry about your projects and assignments. We will do it for you…”. Not only that, the advertisement carried the logos SLIIT and BIT (UCSC BIT). Even though it’s too late for me to use such a service I couldn’t resist clicking this link. I was not surprised to see people doing assignments for money but this guy (I really doubt that this is a company) has taken it to a complete new level. An open business with its own marketing.

During my time as a student (which is not over yet :S) I have never copied assignments. I did them myself but I was kind enough help few others to do theirs not for money but for friendship. I have been offered money to do assignments for people who I have never met. But I did not took them simply because I did not have the time. I always used to forward such offers to some of my friends who had the time. I don’t mind if someone make some money by doing an assignment for an idiot who is too dumb to know the advantage of doing their own assignments/research. And they normally pay well too. I remember few offers that paid 15k per assignment. And those were not large, time consuming assignments ether.

However if you do this as a business there are some complications that you don’t want to end up with. One such issue is when these assignment/projects outsourcing businesses are doing public marketing everyone finds about them. Just imagine how that will affect the reputation and credibility of the entire higher education qualifications thing. Universities will pump out more idiots than ever, who has no practical stills as they never did their assignments. For the students who do not realize the negative side of outsourcing the assignment this will seem like a good way to get through the degree program but what they going to do once they have to try their luck in the industry them self?

Apart from that, this particular advertisement and their site directly uses logos and names of number of institutions and degree/professional qualification programs. Targeting the students who follow them.  Apart from direct trademark violation this is causing serious damage to the reputation and credibility of those institutions and the degrees offered by them. There are many people on Facebook who are members of staffs of those places.  I am sure they have seen this too. Those institutes should at least ask this guy to not to use the names and logos of the institutes.

Ok! may be I am just jealous about the fact that these guys do not undertake MSc assignments/projects. But all I am saying is if you want to do some unethical work for someone and make some bucks for it, fine! But try to keep it quite.

Anyway if you have some assignment to do and you are too busy, too lazy or too dumb to do it yourself, here is the link http://it-vision.info/projects.aspx

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One comment on “Outsource…..!

  1. Nishadha says:

    I have seeing this advertisement and SLIIT should seriously consider doing something about this , using trademarks in ads is against FB advertising policies so shouldn’t be that hard to get this removed.