My Spelling Sucks :S

February 6, 2010 | By Rakhitha | Filed in: Me, Myself & I.

Ok if you know me personally this is not news to you. But i am writing this just in case if an unlucky reader try to read my blog. Fortunately so far this blog has no readers other than me.

Its not that I don’t use spell checkers. I use them every time I type. I review whatever I write. But most of the time my spelling is bad enough to confuse the spell checker. And most of the time when spell checker ask did you mean ‘this word’ or ‘that word’ how on earth am i suppose to know. They all look same to me :S.

Anyway when I write here I’ll do my best to type the correct stuff. Hopefully I’ll get better. If you notice any mistake in my spellings (you will) please let me know so that I’ll fix it

Thanks in Advance!


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4 comments on “My Spelling Sucks :S

  1. Sajini says:

    Hey You are not the only reader of your blog.. then what about me 🙁 I also read it n.. and Your spellings don’t suck… 🙂 that I know for sure…. You always correct my spellings when there is a mistake. It is doesn’t suck 🙂


  2. Nishadha says:

    Since I have known you for close to 7 years I can safely say you suck at spelling. But that’s why the bloody spell checkers are there for , lol

  3. Not only ur spelling …. 😀

    (anyway keep on writing- just today saw ur blog)