Dental Fears!

August 18, 2012 | By Rakhitha | Filed in: Me, Myself & I, Sri Lanka.

I don’t have a serious phobia or anything. I have gone through lot of cosmetic/corrective dental work including few extractions during my teen years as my teeth were a mess.  But I avoid dentists as much as I can. I just don’t like to go there. I used to bring up all the sorts of excuses to skip mandatory dental visits during school days. Even today I find myself not wanting to get things sorted out until the situation get unbearable.

Dentists are nice bunch of people, but I just can’t stand the sound and vibration inside my mouth. Also most dental clinics are not sound proof. You can here all the drilling and screaming of the previous patient while you wait for your turn. Its not a very nice experience, as it scare the s*it out of you even before you go inside. Also this could be partly because the image we build during the childhood. Visit to a dentist will most likely be the penalty for not taking care of your teeth. Even the regular checkup visits during childhood are often done against your will.

End result is of-course you don’t go to the dentist until your teeth get pretty bad. That day finally caught up with me as I ended up with a large tooth cavity. At the dentists after further examination, it turned out there are three more teeth that need filling as well. In x-rays it looked like I am going to need a root-filling for the largest cavity. But fortunately after drilling the Doc concluded that it could be filled normally as there is no nerve damage. End of the day I walked out with four fillings.

Best part of this dentist visit was, I went for a dental facility in one of the major private hospitals instead of the nearest small dental clinic, which use old, noisy grinding machines inside your mouth. This decision was taken mostly because I feared that my worst tooth would need a root filling. And I wanted to get that done in a proper hospital which x-ray your teeth before they dig in. But end of the day prices were quite similar to a basic dental clinic and the biggest plus was equipment was quite new and the patient friendly setup. No loud noises of compressor and drill. Vibrations and discomfort was minimal. Place was well sound proofed so you don’t hear any noises while you are in the waiting area.

My dental work is not over yet as I have to get one temporarily filling replaced with a permanent one. Until then, worst part is keeping an eye on the temp filling to make sure I don’t break it by biting something hard with the wrong side of my mouth. And hopefully I’ll visit dentists more regularly in the future.

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