Neutrino That Beat The Speed of Light…

June 22, 2012 | By Rakhitha | Filed in: Tech.

Some news travel very fast. And some don’t.  Even when both news is about the same thing. Sometimes you see news in big bold letters on the front page of multiple news papers. And few days later there is a small piece of writing in an inner page stating that the original news was reported incorrectly, which you never notice. Sometimes blogspear also act in the same way. I think it’s because news travel only as fast as we like them to travel. This is that little post in an inner page that you never see.

Do you remember that Neutrino! The one which seemed to beat the speed of light? You should, because it made few good rounds in local blogspear as well. And it captured lot of imagination. Well, it seems to be a false alarm. After repeated experiments it has been concluded that the anomaly was due to a measuring error. It is interesting how little press it get compared to the original news. But I guess that’s how things work in the universe.

However this entire incident did one good thing. It captured public attention for the scientific process for a short period. It put the scientific process on display for everyone to see. When you find an unexpected/strange/exciting result you collaborate with others to repeat the test and put the findings down for scrutiny. And end of the day we find out something about the universe or we don’t.

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