Nothing Fix a Broken Electronic like a Good Old Bang!

September 18, 2011 | By Rakhitha | Filed in: Me, Myself & I, Photography, Tech.

How to fix E61:00 on youtube.

Remember that old TV your parents used to have, which simply refuse to work until you give it few good bangs. Well I thought you don’t have to do that any more with new 21st century electronics. Well! I was wrong.

My Cyber-shot started to give me this error called E61:00. Basically when you turn it on it fail to focus, and show a blur image on the LCD with the error code. And the error code means exactly that. It’s like the focus motor is jammed or something.

In case you have used Sony products, you know it costs a fortune to get them repaired by Sony people. Therefore I went about looking for a solution on the web. All I was looking for was some one saying that this is not a critical failure and fixable without replacing any major part. So that I can happily take it to a service center. But all I could find was, people saying only way to fix it is giving a good bang (here, here and pretty much anywhere else). This is the best hi-tech solution out there, but it didn’t work.

I was first bit afraid. I have seen many cameras with jammed/broken lens blocks as a result of dropping. Only way to fix that is to replace lens block, which costs more than a half of the price of the camera. So at first I gave it a good shake and few slaps with my fingers. No luck! Since getting this fixed going to cost a fortune at the support center any way, I gave few good bangs followed by a drop. Guess what, Now the camera works as good as new!

Here is a comment from one user in one of the above links. It pretty much cover what went through my mind.

“My daughters camera came up with the E 61:00 error and wouldnt self focus. She had been to the beach recently. Anyways, I found this thread and thought, what the heck, so I banged it lightly, took the battery out, opened and closed it, banged it again. nothing… but then I really banged it hard and viola. It works, not error message and focuses perfect. Can’t wait for my daughter to wake up and find out I fixed it…. Pretty scary to think banging this expensive camera is in fact what will fix it….”

Another user had this advice to give…

“IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!!! it took me about ten times worth of banging- i banged it on a book…now it works perfectly!! DONT GIVE UP if it doesnt work the first few times…just keep in mind all the money you are saving and keep banging!” – katie Shrader

By the way, if you break your camera trying to do this. Don’t blame me. That’s the risk with low tech solutions.


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