Royal Thomian – Big Match 2011 – Watch Online for Free on Papare

March 10, 2011 | By Rakhitha | Filed in: Environment, Royal College.

132nd installment of Royal Thomian Big Match is happening this week. But there is less hype about it this time around as 2011 cricket world cup has overshadowed it on most of the media. I too was not planing to write about it, but I noticed some increase of visitors to some of my old posts, which I wrote for Battle of the Blues 2010. It seems that many are looking for an online broadcast and end up visiting the wrong place.

If you need more info on the big match please visit for official website. And if you are looking for the papare streaming link here it is Unlike the last year, this time it is free. website says that the match will be broadcasted live on Prime TV which is a part of ITN network. Prime TV is also watchable online on this link. But when I checked it out, there was nothing but old songs :S.




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