Three of My Posts are on Sunday Leader Web!

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After moving my blog to its new home I spent some time to figure out a way to improve search engine ranking of the new URL over the old URL. In the process I did some searches for term ‘rakasunivers’ on Google, hoping to find out places that are referring to my blog. And I found a pleasant surprise.

Three of my posts are re-posted on Sunday Leader website. Of course they did not get my permission or tell me about it. But they at least put my name as the author. For me that is good enough. I think it’s nothing big because they post lots of posts from other blogs too. But there is nothing wrong with taking a little pride of having a post there with my name on it.

However I noticed that they have simply copy pasted the posts without any form of editing, with all the typos, spelling and grammar errors that I have made. In case you don’t know I am good at making those. If I were informed before taking those posts, I would have done some more reviews to put out a better post. But I guess they are ok with all the errors there :).

In a way this was a bit of an eye opener for me. Because of this finding, I read these three posts all over again on Sunday Leader website. I realized that those three posts are probably the beast posts I have ever written. They are probably not good in many standards. But if you compare with rest of my posts, they are good. For most of the recent posts I have not put nearly as much effort as I have put in to those three posts. I think I should start putting more time in to quality of posts than trying to write posts about each and everything that I feel like writing. Writing everything I want to write, in a way is a good is a good thing because it generate lots of content. But having to put out more content in less time affect quality. It’s noticeable that when I compare my recent posts with those three posts on Sunday Leader. That has to change!. Because for me, the lesson to lean from this is, there are people to read if I write quality stuff.


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