New Domain, New Host, New WordPress…!

June 20, 2010 | By Rakhitha | Filed in: Me, Myself & I.

Well, couple of days ago I felt like moving my blog off the free hosting. I did not have a real need of it, but I just felt bit restricted by all the restrictions there. Not that I could not live with those restrictions, but my mind just hit some kind of a critical point at which it made me go and by a domain + hosting.

I found this place called They had a pretty attractive hosting package which included 10Gb of Storage, 100Gb/month of transfer, and pretty much everything else I needed\ for just LKR 1500/= (Aprox 15 USD) per year. So I went for it. Also As soon as I set things up here I noticed that new WordPress 3.0 is out. I am not the kind of guy who installs shining new software. I normally wait until it prove itself to be stable. But for some strange reason I installed it right away even without doing a very basic reading about it. So far nothing is broken. I am hoping for the best. Otherwise I will have to find a way to revert everything back.

It was a bit of a bumpy ride to get my blog up and running at the new place. It was not the fault of hosting but I had not correctly anticipated everything I need to do in order to get things going when I started from scratch. But now the things are moving. There are few things to sort out but they can wait. The biggest issue is I have to promote my blog URL all over again. Things could have been easier If I had done some things differently when I started my original blog at free hosting. But I am not going to talk about that right now, because it’ll take me some time to put together a full post about it.

What new will I do with the new domain and hosting? I don’t know. Right now I am doing exactly what I was doing at free blog. That will change. Because otherwise this will be a waste of money.  May be since now I have full control to change anything I want when it comes to coding, I will probably try out all the sorts of things with PHP, Perl and MySQL.

Until then all I want to say is that I moved to this new place and now I have somewhat settled down here. So I can start business as usual.  And this is me writing my first blog post at the new place of my own.


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3 comments on “New Domain, New Host, New WordPress…!

  1. Dakshina says:

    Well Congratz on your new domain. Lkservers are pretty good. They have a good help desk too. My blog is also running on their server!

  2. Rakhitha says:

    Thanks Dakshina!
    Yes! Lkservers are really good. Their packages are quite worth the price and also I am very happy with their customer service. I had to call their help lines, and use couple of support tickets while I was settings up mainly due to my lack of understanding of how things work. And their response was really impressive and almost instantaneous.


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