Me, My Self and Java

June 11, 2010 | By Rakhitha | Filed in: Java Stuff, Me, Myself & I, Tech.

Programming is my main hobby. I wrote my first computer program when I was 11 years old. Then I was using GW BBASIC. Since then I have learned QBASIC, Pascal, Visual Basic, Perl, Java, PLSQL, C++,  PHP, C#, bit of Python and many other things over time. I screwed up  my A/L for it but fortunately managed to get in to a career in Software Development. When I was a school kid I built some web sites using ASP and Perl but they were never published. And I spent a great deal of time learning regular expressions. Graphics Design was not my thing. So I ended up as an applications programmer.

Java is probably the language that I spent most of my time to study. And it is also one of the least used programming languages for me at work :).  I am not complaining. But its kind of funny that I spend more than 2 years learning every little detail about Java and now I am cranking out C/C++ code with pointers, pointer arithmetics, multiple inheritance, manual memory management, and pretty much everything that Java people would call evil. It turned out that I am quite good at it and so far I didn’t shoot any one on their foot. By the way I used to write ‘Microsoft’ always as ‘M$’ but I find myself happily writing C# code too.  In a country where there is only Patriots and Traitors, I guess I am in the 2nd category as long as programming languages are concern.

Anyway why I write this post is, sometimes I think that I haven’t used much of the things that I have spent a lot of time to learn, except in few hobby projects. Also since I started this blog I am running out of things to write for the 2nd time. Therefore in the future I am hoping to write some posts on programming. It will be mainly Java based but I may write about other languages/technologies too. Consider this just as a preamble (I don’t know a proper English term for this. I just learned this word from my networking class) for those posts.


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