Software Quality & Marketing

February 23, 2010 | By Rakhitha | Filed in: Tech.

This is not a full article. I am writing this because this is something I wanted to share. Few days back I came across this article named “Headcount” on Joel on Software.  In the article Joel Spolsky talks about a common myth that most of us programmers share. And he goes on to discuss how and when a company can benefit or not benefit from marketing.

I just wanted to highlight another interesting point hidden in the article, which is directly related to us the developers. That is quality can either nullify all the efforts that a marketing team does to sell a product or it can magnify the efforts of a marketing team.

Have you recently talked with someone who is selling the code that you write? If you haven’t please do so. They will tell you stories about why a tiny bug that keeps them away from finishing off a deal or how a recent change you did make the life so easy for sales and marketing teams.

If you are a developer this is a very good read. Have a shot at it when you have time.



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