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Long Live Mother Nature!

July 21, 2012 | By Rakhitha | No Comments | Filed in: Environment, Sri Lanka.

Long Live Mother Nature! – A flag hanging on Bo tree at Kelaniya temple. When you visit a temple you can always see many flags hanging on the branches of Bo tree with text written on them to invoke blessings on various people for various reasons. It could be a simple wish to pass an exam, • Read More »

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Deer Park Hotel – Giritale, Polonnaruwa – A Review

June 11, 2012 | By Rakhitha | No Comments | Filed in: Me, Myself & I, Sri Lanka, Travel.

My wife and I took a road trip to Polonnaruwa on 12th and 13th of May.  The day before the Shiva Devalaya was reportedly broken into. And it was some needed time out after a long time, even though it’s not the best time of the year to visit that part of the country due • Read More »

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Buying Local is Overrated, At least for Web Hosting!

October 23, 2011 | By Rakhitha | No Comments | Filed in: Sri Lanka, Tech.

When it comes to buying services and complex products I always prefer buying from a local seller. This makes it easy to communicate and handle any matter that might come up when using the product or service that we buy. But in some cases the typical Sri Lankan customer relationship attitude make it a nightmare. This happened way too often with my • Read More »

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Empower Farmers, Without Burdening Government or People!

September 8, 2011 | By Rakhitha | No Comments | Filed in: Sri Lanka.

MAHOtrain recently posted two posts on their views on farmers problems and solutions that they propose. This post is an attempt to continue and expand on the discussion they started. But with a slightly different view. Should the farmers problems be governments problem?. Well as far as the politics and votes are concern, yes it should be. • Read More »

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Electronic Billing Proof, Anyone?

August 11, 2011 | By Rakhitha | No Comments | Filed in: Environment, Go Green, Me, Myself & I, Sri Lanka, Tech.

These days you need billing proof for everything. Good old days of opening a bank account with just your ID and money is long gone. I was lucky enough to have my first bank account and my prepaid phone connection that way. In case you don’t know, billing proof is a piece of paper which has your • Read More »

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On Parking Fees in Colombo City and Our Vehicle Owners

June 5, 2011 | By Rakhitha | 3 Comments | Filed in: Sri Lanka.

Yes! parking cost is high in Colombo. Specially if you don’t want to park your vehicle under boiling hot sun and leave one of your biggest assets at the mercy of robbers. It’s high not because some people trying to rip off vehicle owners, but because the gap between supply and demand has driven up • Read More »

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How Not To Celebrate 2600th Sambuddha Jayanthi: Music at Temples!

May 18, 2011 | By Rakhitha | No Comments | Filed in: Me, Myself & I, Sri Lanka.

Ok! first of all I am not a very religious guy. But I do go to temples and worship once in a while. Most of that credit should go to my mother and my wife. And I normally avoid going to temples on poya days as temples tend to be too crowded, and lose their • Read More »

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Is Democracy Being Flushed Down the Drain in Sri Lankan Blogosphere Or Are We Just Playing Naive?

March 9, 2011 | By Rakhitha | No Comments | Filed in: Me, Myself & I, Sri Lanka, Tech.

For many countries Internet, World Wide Web, social networks, blogs are the strongholds of democracy. In recent events in middle east they have served as the last line of defense for democracy, allowing it to fight back dictatorships and totalitarian societies. But Sri Lankan blogosphere seems a little different. It appears that some people thing that it should be more totalitarian than the Sri Lankan Society • Read More »

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Drama over ‘Enna’ (Banned Sri Lanka Cricket World Cup Song)

February 25, 2011 | By Rakhitha | 3 Comments | Filed in: Sri Lanka.

This is not a post to defend Lahiru Perera, his music or anything. This just what I see from all the drama happening over his world cup cheer song ‘Enna’. If you have listened to any of Lahiru Pereras songs, you must have realised that he is not Amaradewa, Suni Edirisingha, or not even Sunil Perera or Iraj • Read More »

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No Papare Bands At Cricket World Cup 2011 Matches?

February 21, 2011 | By Rakhitha | 2 Comments | Filed in: Sri Lanka.

If you have subscribed for Ada-Derana news updates, you must have received  a message saying “Banners, parsals, musical instruments, glass bottles, crackers, laser lights, sharp instruments are not allowed in World Cup venues in SL”. And some time later you must have got the message “Following appeals by public IGP has allowed spectators to take • Read More »

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