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Neutrino That Beat The Speed of Light…

June 22, 2012 by Rakhitha | No Comments | Filed in Tech

Some news travel very fast. And some don’t.  Even when both news is about the same thing. Sometimes you see news in big bold letters on the front page of multiple news papers. And few days later there is a small piece of writing in an inner page stating that the original news was reported incorrectly, which you never notice. Sometimes blogspear also act in the same way. I think it’s because news travel only as fast as we like them to travel. This is that little post in an inner page that you never see.


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Chaaya Tranz – Hikkaduwa – A Review

June 16, 2012 by Rakhitha | No Comments | Filed in Travel

I recently visited Chaaya Tranz Hotel in Hikkaduwa on a company trip. Overall it was an excellent experience and a great place to relax. It is the former Coral Gardens Hotel which is renovated and re-branded as an excellent 4 star beach resort. As a result everything is new. It is located in Hikkaduwa off Galle Road. Therefore it is very easy place to find.

Thing I liked the most was, how most parts of the hotel is designed to give you a semi outdoor experience regardless where you are. Most of the public areas are very spacious, open to the surrounding and facing ocean. Specially when you are at the lobby and restaurant your view is entirely ocean. However if you are not found of the strong winds and the tropical temperature there is air conditioned areas covered with glass walls.


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Deer Park Hotel – Giritale, Polonnaruwa – A Review

June 11, 2012 by Rakhitha | No Comments | Filed in Me, Myself & I, Sri Lanka, Travel

My wife and I took a road trip to Polonnaruwa on 12th and 13th of May.  The day before the Shiva Devalaya was reportedly broken into. And it was some needed time out after a long time, even though it’s not the best time of the year to visit that part of the country due to high temperature. During our visit we stayed at Deer Park Hotel and it was quite a good experience even-though the hotel was not at its best conditions at the time. I’ll come back to that later.

This was my second time at Deer Park Hotel. I normality don’t  stay at same place twice unless I like that place or there is no other place to stay. In this case it was the former reason. Deer Park is one of the good hotels in Polonnaruwa. You do not find many hotels owned by popular chains in the area.


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