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AVATAR: The Last Airbender – Movie vs. TV Series

September 15, 2010 by Rakhitha | 6 Comments | Filed in Movies, TV

Water; Earth; Fire; Air; Long ago four nations lived in harmony. Then everything changed when fire nation attacked. But to really foul things up, Shyamalan made a movie out of it.

This is old news. But I’ll post this anyway to release my anger. According to AVATAR (Not the movie) it’s not a good thing to keep inside you for too long. I had to wait to write this until I finish watching the series. Because it’s not something you can take your mind off once you start watching.

I am not a fan of AVATAR The Last Airbender animated series. I had not seen it before ether. But the basic concept of the movie which is people being able to ‘bend’ one of natural elements and the existence a being who can ‘bend’ all elements kept me dreaming on how great a movie like that can be. It’s a totally out of the world concept with massive space for imagination. And a massive opportunity to make a movie like nothing world has ever seen. And that’s what Shyamalan ruined.


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Unlimited Terms for Presidency Good Thing?

September 3, 2010 by Rakhitha | 3 Comments | Filed in Sri Lanka, Uncategorized

I am not a political writer and politics is not my thing either. But recent news on unlimited terms for executive presidency made me think. This is not a well thought through post either. I am just putting out some thoughts that came to my mind.

Main argument that I have heard so far is, if a president is good enough to retain majority support among people (lets assume he is not influencing the election result in any way other than doing his duty as the president to meet or exceed the expectation of people) it is unfortunate that such a president will not be able to serve his people longer than two terms. Well that sounds logical.

Also we are in a post war situation where there is a lot to be done in terms of development and reconciliation. It requires to have a continued strong policy and a strong man on the job for longer than two terms. But that is a temporary situation.


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