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Should We Privatize Higher Education? – Is That Even the Real Question?

May 9, 2010 by Rakhitha | 4 Comments | Filed in Education, Me, Myself & I, Sri Lanka

This is a response to post “???? ????????? ???????????? ?? ??????” in ‘Middle Path’ blog. I was originally going to post a comment to the same post but my comment turned out bit too long. Also I am no good at Sinhala written language (not proud of it by the way).  Therefore I ended up writing this post.

Writer recognizes that higher education is a basic right but not a privilege, every one who pass A/L must be given higher education. And he/she also recognizes that government can no way provide free higher education for all. But at the end, he try to make his point in the form of 6 questions, and state that even though he recognize that all should be given higher education, there is lot more to be done before that.

I will try to share my view on these questions and generally this topic. I am not expert of education system. This is simply based on my experience of going through the education system for about 18 years. I believe that the writer has assumed that opening of private universities means the closing of government-run universities. Which I believe is not correct. Government will continue to have public universities. And there will be a tight competition to get in to them, even if the selection method is not perfect. But the question is where should the rest go? At least that’s the “Democratic – and – Socialist” way of doing it.


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"The Man From Earth" – One of the Best Science Fiction Movies I Ever Watched

May 8, 2010 by Rakhitha | 6 Comments | Filed in Me, Myself & I, Movies

What comes to your mind when you think of science fiction movies? Is it million dollar computer graphics, special effects, space ships, high-tech stuff, gibberish about Universe and Astrophysics, Aliens, Action, …..?. If that is what you expect from a science fiction, this movie is not for you. This one has non of that.  From start to end, there is a bunch of professors sitting in a living room and talking while having a drink. It all about what they discuss, The story. Have you been a science fiction fan when you were a kid? Have you read those books that open up your imagination and take it to the limits, and make you want to go even further? This is that kind of story. The story will pull you in like a black hole. In your mind you will live inside the movie, making your own arguments with those professors. This movie simply talks to your imagination, nothing else.


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Moved from Dialog ‘Unlimited’ Student Package to Mobitel Zoom 1290

May 7, 2010 by Rakhitha | 6 Comments | Filed in Me, Myself & I, Sri Lanka, Tech

Mobitel SIM PackageI was a happy customer of a Dialog Mobile Broadband Student Package for more than a year. In fact, after getting my student ID of the MSc program, first thing I did was signing up for a student package (So far its the only useful thing I got from this MSc). Signal reception was pretty damn low at my place. No bars at all. But E220 modem managed to connect and deliver around 40KB/s downlink speed on manual network selection.

Recently my girl friend purchased a Mobitel M3 connection. It turned out that Mobitel gives a 8Gb data bundle at LKR 1290/= + Tax. Which is damn better than Dialog student package (5Gb for LKR 1500/= Tax). Dialog connection is pretty damn useless after you cross 5Gb limit. Dialog offers a package with 10Gb data bundle but that is almost LKR 3k/= + Tax. I did a bit of math, and it turned out with a Mobitel Zoom 1290 package, I can use 10Gb per month for a cost of roughly LKR 2k/= including taxes. When you add the taxes for Dialog 5Gb student package, it is almost LKR 2k/=.


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